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Business cards

Updated: Apr 25

By Denise Renée Purdie

Increasingly, people are going to digital cards, but I suggest that you continue to have some physical cards for events. It allows you to create what we used to call back in the day “sticky items” (items that have the potential for people to keep them on hand). So if you create say a bookmark or magnet, make it useful for the person so they might hang onto it and happen to have it the next time they need your products or services. Some ways to do that are to add useful things like cooking conversion measurements, inspirational quotes and even funny memes.

Every time I design new business cards, I tend to kinda do a little rebrand/refit, which most people wouldn’t recommend and I certainly don’t recommend it to my clients. However, creatives are a little bit different sometimes. We are kind of like the genetic engineers who come across a genome for ancient Mammoth DNA and decide to create a protein (meatball) that they are scared to eat (true story) … or physicists who figure out they can make a black hole. You already know they’re going to right? Lollll

So, these are the latest cards that I produced. I actually created them for an event and I’m finally using them up. I often create cards in smaller batches because I get tired of the designs, but of course it’s more economical to print a larger amount.

I think my favorite cards were the bookmarks I created. People loved them and of course it is totally on brand as a book publisher. The next time I do it though, I am going to put some inspirational sayings and quotes on them. There was also another design that I did that I really enjoyed. I was able to design four or six designs and each one had a different saying on it. They were dope.

I have tried to keep at least one of each of my business card designs so after I move and get myself settled, I will update this blog post with a video compilation so you can see how my designs have changed over the years.

As you go to create your business cards, don’t be afraid to do things that stand out. Look at different materials. Look at different finishing like foil and embossing. I saw a business card recently that looked like a credit card. I loved that! It would be great for a credit restoration business in particular, but I believe she was a hairstylist. In short, express your brand and personal style!

I pray for your happiness, your wholeness and your creation of your best life as you walk in purpose … on purpose!


Renée Purdie

Ms. Rising Star: THE Purpose PUSH-HER!

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