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Making space

By Denise Renée Purdie

As I prepare for the next leg of my journey, I find myself exploring new pathways. That led me to thinking about whether or not I have slotted space for people and opportunities in my life. Just like you have to leave space in your closet for a new wardrobe, space in your fridge for a healthy living adventure and even space in your mind to explore life’s possibilities, it’s important to do a life assessment to see if you even have space for the people and opportunities you’ve been praying for.

I’m thinking of relationships right now and I remember hearing people on TikTok in particular saying that they don’t have time to do certain things like exercise and whatnot so I wonder what makes them think they have time for a relationship. Relationships require time, energy and oftentimes money. Yes, love is free but airline tickets and accommodation are not!!!

I strongly encourage you to take time to write down three things you want to create space for in the next six months as we are almost at the halfway point of 2023. Decide how much time per week you think that’s going to require and then plan accordingly.

Keywords: relationships, time, focus, commitment

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