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By Denise Renée Purdie

What is the meaning of milagros? According to the modern-day Sphinx Google, the Spanish word milagro means “miracle” or “surprise.” It also stated, “people in the past and present use them as symbols to wish others good luck, good health, and hope for the future. Initially, milagros were made to order by the town's silversmith.”

The milagro that has often happened to me when I’m feeling low is seeing a hummingbird. One just came up to the door and it seemed like it was going to fly in.

I always smile because it feels like a very real connection with God. Apart from hummingbirds being one of the most stunning creations on the planet, they fill me with joy and wonder. I don’t know if this is true, but I envision Leonardo da Vinci Seeing studying these incredible creatures while he dreamed of a flying machine.

Regardless, looking at hummingbirds reminds me that I live in a world where God‘s miracles still exist.

Keywords: God, miracles, hope, hummingbirds

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