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Music is the real magic

To all the music I've loved before

By Denise Renée Purdie

Concerts I have gone to …

MC Hammer. I feel a mixture of chagrin and bellicosity about this only because now he is viewed in a different way, but you could not have told me anything at that time. I don’t even know how I ended up going because I was kind of like the Young Sheldon when I was younger. Some things never change! 😆🤣😂

Beyoncé — in Australia. I don’t remember a lot about the concert apart from it being amazing. She truly looks like a life-sized beautiful Black Barbie doll. Flawless!!!

Whitney — in Australia. I’ll have to see if I can figure out what year I saw her, but it was not too long after that she left the planet. She seemed so self contained that night. Her tones were so beautiful … I don’t care what people say.

Tasha Cobbs before she was Leonard!!! Lol. The then Pastors at Mt. Calvary organized this amazing concert. I think they were friends with  Tasha. In any case, I think I only paid $15 for my ticket!!! I don’t remember how long she was there, but she absolutely had the entire church on their feet.   

CeCe Winans. She has such a beautiful spirit about her. When she sang the Alabaster Box, I was in awe.

What started this trip down memory lane was thinking about the concerts I would love to go to. Here are a couple and I’ll also include the folks I can no longer hear as they have left the planet.   

Would love to see in concert 🎵

  • My Bestie, Elijah J. Jones 💙💙💙

  • Jill Scott

  • John Legend


  • Mary J. Blige

  • Salt N Pepa

  • India Arie

  • Stevie Wonder

  • Usher

  • Tank

  • Jennifer Hudson

  • Kelly Clarkson

  • Anastacia

  • Bon Jovi

Wish I Hadda List

  • Aretha! RIP

  • Prince! RIP

  • Michael Jackson! RIP

  • Ray Charles! RIP

  • Eva Cassidy! RIP

  • Queen

There are many more, but this would be a wonderful start!!!

Also, I often ask this of people because I think it’s a fun icebreaker. What would be your theme song? Here are a few of mine:

  • Golden by Jill Scott

  • Simply the Best by Tina Turner

  • Work That by Mary J. Blige

  • Nelly #1 and Hate On Me by Jill Scott (for the haters who push me when I don’t feel like pushing) 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

There are many more, but this would be a wonderful start!!!

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