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By Denise Renée Purdie

One of the groups I’m in on Facebook posed the question of whether or not we initially wanted a side hustle or wanted to create long-term income. I thought that was a weird question, but the second one was did we introduce appropriate services and products to be able to create that long-term income.

This was my answer …

So I definitely wanted long-term income. It’s interesting though because my business emphasis has evolved over time. The first projects I did were websites and logos primarily and then I did more copywriting and then I started helping writers publish books and then I added my own books 📚 and journals as well as vending events. In and amongst that, I started charging for marketing and brand coaching and then later book publishing instruction. I believe you have to learn to pivot, especially in this increasingly competitive market. AI is definitely changing a lot of things in my industries and so I’m sure there is more pivoting to come.

Keywords: entrepreneurship, business, pivoting, long-term income, AI

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