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Social media journey

I think I first got on social media in 2008. Since then, I've connected with a lot of people around the world, and I have gotten pretty comfortable with broadcasting. In doing so, I have been blessed to have people purchase my books and they have entrusted their brands and allowed me to develop strategic plans, websites, logos, books and other collateral marketing material. Indeed, it's pretty wild to contemplate it, but I wasn't even a published author when I started my social media journey. That occurred about 10 years after that.

I am embarking on building my YouTube channel. I rather wish I had started there because my following would be pretty large by now I imagine, but the road is often winding. On the plus side, I picked up technological skills along the way as well as being comfortable with broadcasting and so I'm increasingly believing that the path we're on is the path we need to be on.

I would love it if you would join me on my journey. So far I've been posting food, because I love my plant-based journey, book reviews, some product reviews, even some acting challenges which has been super fun. I plan to do food reaction videos as we go along, but I have to admit that the folks who are seemingly just wasting food for the likes get me riled up!

A good friend of mine heard this quote in her travels and I love it. People talk about niching, but ...

We are the niche!

I invite you into my world as we see where the road leads. Join me on YouTube.

Warm regards,

Renée Purdie

Ms. Rising Star

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