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The margins

I’m always encouraging people to take up space and star in their own story, but sometimes you feel like you are in the margins, a doodle on the sideline of life. You try not to take up too much space or be too loud or be an imposition and you end up not feeling important or valuable to anyone—perhaps not even to yourself.

There’s something to be said for being of service to other people and being considerate, but you can do that too much and start feeling resentful. Even if you do it in small ways, like taking the time to make a healthy, delicious meal for yourself or thanking God that you opened your eyes this morning, please take time to remind yourself that you are worthy.

Another thing we do sometimes is not accepting blessings or not vocalizing what we really want. If someone asks us what we want, rather than thinking about how it will inconvenience them or standing on ceremony or pride, just say what you want. You might be pleasantly surprised and actually get it.

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